The Best Way to Lose Weight Off Your Hips

The best way to lose fat off your hips is to decrease your total body fat percentage. When you lose weight, fat comes off your whole body, and your body shrinks to a smaller size. Where you carry your body fat is genetically predetermined. If you tend to carry weight on your hips, you will need to reduce your body fat percentage to a level that gets the results you desire. The most effective way to do this is to combine strength training and cardio with a healthy eating plan.

Strength Training

The American Council on Exercise promotes strength training as a key component to fat loss. Strength training has a direct and indirect effect on your body fat. When you strength train, it burns calories which helps reduce your body fat. Strength training also increases your muscle mass; this process burns a significant amount of calories as well. Adding muscle to your body increases your metabolism, which means you burn more calories 24 hours per day than you did before. Participate in moderate- to high-intensity strength-training workouts three to four times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes.


The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular activity per week for adults — minimum. That’s just for health reasons. If you want to trim body fat and lose weight off your hips, you may need more. Intensity is key. The low and slow fat-burning method is a myth. Cardio should cause you to break a sweat. It should be difficult for you to talk or read a book. The harder you work out, the more calories you will burn — period. This calorie burn will reduce your body fat.

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What and how much you eat has a direct impact on your weight loss. Modern life allows you access to cheap, high-calorie foods that are easy to get and hard to resist. Unfortunately, going through the drive-through burns very few calories. Make 90 percent of your diet fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and nuts. Think of food as necessary to sustain life rather than as a form of entertainment. You also have to watch calories. Even healthy, nutritional foods can cause weight gain if you eat more calories than you burn.


Check with your doctor before you begin a new exercise program. If you have been sedentary, make changes slowly. Too many changes can be overwhelming. Be patient with yourself and realize that the changes you desire take time, as do forming new habits. Add exercise and dietary changes in slowly. Jay Robb, author of "The Fat-Burning Diet," says to allow yourself one cheat meal a week to indulge in your favorite foods and make your eating plan more sustainable long term. If you consistently exercise and eat properly, you may see significant weight loss off your hips in as little as 12 weeks.

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